Digital tools for supporting the employment of people with disabilities in manufacturing


Digital tools for supporting the employment of people with disabilities in manufacturing

This project is driven by the goal of fostering inclusivity and diversity in the manufacturing sector in Romania, Greece and Serbia. It recognizes the untapped potential of individuals with disabilities and aims to provide them with equal access to education and employment opportunities.

By doing so, we contribute to creating a more inclusive society and workforce. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of many economies, including job creation. However, they often lack the resources and knowledge to accommodate employees with disabilities effectively. The idea of this project is to empower SMEs by equipping them with the necessary digital tools and training to support employees with disabilities. This, in turn, enhances their competitiveness and sustainability.

Moreover, in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is crucial for businesses, especially SMEs, to adapt and thrive by addressing the priority of digital transformation by upskilling SMEs with state-of-the-art digital tools to help with the employment of people with disabilities.


Objective 1: Boost the ability of SMEs in manufacturing to support employees with disabilities via digital tools for different kinds of disabilities (i.e. Speech-to-text, Braille Displays, Voice recognition softwares, Hands-free navigation and interfaces). This will be achieved via 3 work based learning sessions & teaching factories (based on EIT Manufacturing best practices) in which partners will demonstrate digital solutions for supporting people with disabilities and will train SME managers on how to use them, while also piloting them them on employees with disabilities.

Objective 2: Equip and certify (micro-credentials) at least 100 learners (SMEs managers and employees)

Objective 3: Develop 3 policy briefings (on better supporting employees with disabilities in manufacturing) and organise 3 policy roundtables with local authorities in charge of employment and social services in order to commit them to supporting access to technologies for supporting employees with disabilities in manufacturing SMEs.


ENABLE project consists of a network of dedicated partners committed to advancing disability inclusion in manufacturing

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