Partners will develop common instruments and methodologies for conducting the analysis on needs and gaps and existing good practices in the field of ESL prevention and use of technology in secondary school education to contrast ESL. This preliminary activity will ensure that Partners will have a common approach so to facilitate the comparability of the information collected at national and local level.

Firstly, a National Desk Research will be conducted in each partner country with a focus on:

  1. ESL definition of in the project country / difference with the ESL EU definition (contained in the 2020 European Strategy);
  2. ESL situation in the project country ( data at local and national level);
  3. Identification of school polices & national strategies on ESL phenomenon;
  4. Implementation of ICT based/use of digital devices for ESL contrast
  5. Identification of national good practices (5 / country) to contrast ESL
  6. Identification of soft skills career oriented needed in support of ESL contrast

A total of n.50 participants per country will be involved in the transnational needs analysis on ESL on the following steps:

  1. Realisation of the survey through online questionnaires with students and teachers (30 participants at the survey per country);
  2. Realisation of structured interviews with teachers and employers to collect good practices on ESL(5 interviews per country);
  3. Organisation of focus groups with students, parents, teachers, employers, local authorities, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to validate the information collected through the survey and interviews (15 participants per country).



National research - IT

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National research - SE

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