I.I.S. "FEDERICO CAFFÈ" Secondary School is the result of the merger of three different schools, offering education in the sectors of Tourism, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Land Surveying and "Liceum" of Applied Sciences. The school is attended by about 1.200 students, coming from XVth and XVIth town councils of Rome, and it has more than 100 teachers. It is situated in Monteverde, a nice area of Rome, and it offers sports grounds along with well-equipped laboratories. 

Most of the students attend this school with the objective of getting a job in the technological sector after the school-leaving diploma, while others decide to attend university.
Internships, work-related learning experiences, are organized by the school in order to give students the chance to gain important knowledge and skills in a career related to their study. The school offers extra curricular activities, such as drama, sports, foreign languages and informatics courses, which help students discover and develop their abilities and self confidence.

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The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) is responsible for general administration at national level. School education is organised at a decentralised level by the MIUR through the Regional School Offices (Uffici Scolastici Regionali, USR), which operate at provincial level in Local Offices.
The Latium Regional School Office (Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Lazio, USR Lazio) is a branch of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Usually, it is divided into Local Offices, depending on its duties and local requirements. The USR oversees observance of general provisions for education and minimum performance requirements, the effectiveness of training actions and observance of standards.
The Latium Regional School Office is particularly interested in the project “I Secure”, infact is the Director General himself Gildo De Angelis to participate in the project along with the inspector Anita Francini. Of the staff are part many executives of the regional office, and the school "Lombardo Radice" in Rome that administers the financial sector. The "Lombardo Radice" together with the "Galilei" and the "Colombo" schools are participating in the research.

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Finance & Banking, Organisational & HR development Association,EFFEBI Association, is a non-profit organization based in Rome, set up in 1978 in Bocconi University (Milan) and supported by HR managers from the most relevant Italian banks. The Association promotes and coordinates studies, surveys and other initiatives for Human Resources Management and development and organisational solutions in the Financial Services Sector. EFFEBI Association includes the Centre for Research and European Studies (CRESfb) supported by Experts and Professionals to conduct, in collaboration with Universities, researches and studies activities on Quality Assurance and Lifelong Learning.

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E-CO-learning studio srl is a training company specialized in offering products and services for e-learning conveyed through research and consultancy. E-CO has been operating for about ten years in the education sector, providing solutions and services to public and private organizations. Its experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of training and developing individual and organizational dynamics are based on the integration between R&D and market. Essentially the research areas focus on the development of pedagogical approaches and on Technology Enhanced Learning; collaborative learning; formal, non-formal and informal learning; cross cultural learning and e-inclusion. The main people involved in the project are Christian Branchi, co-founder and CEO at E-CO, and Giovanni Sorrentino, project manager and responsible of the R&I area. E-CO will lead Outputs 1 & 4.

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Kaunas Science and Technology Park is a public institution established in 1998 with an intention to increase an efficiency of research and development (R&D) activities at Kaunas University of Technology and Kaunas region. Today Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. It is the only Science Park in Lithuania with business incubation facilities, Technology Demonstration Centre on site.
Kaunas Science and Technology Park has more than 15 years of experience in assisting and supporting innovative and technology-oriented SMEs, start-up and spin-off companies in Kaunas region and Lithuania. Kaunas STP organizes and provides more than 20 information events during a year, about 10 training workshop cycles for SMEs and entrepreneurs and whose, who want to start their own business.
Kaunas STP has perfect abilities to provide training seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, science institutions, society and serves with all needed technical assistance.

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The Kauno Simono Daukanto progimnazija (Daukantas) school is situated in a suburban area and it is well connected with the main roads and urban bus lines. Our school hosts 434 students and has about 47 members of personnel. Our school has joined the Elos network sharing its main aims. We are convinced of the value of international education for our students because we believe that the intercul-tural dialogue in a more open international learning environment makes them aware of being European citizens. We aim to develop an international, flexible curriculum. What is more, we strive to make our students to be aware of the possibilities technologies may offer these days. We try to implement various teaching methods into our curriculum so as to make it more motivating to our students. Subsequently, this project would provide us a great possibility to im-prove our students and teachers' motivation and creativity, which, we believe, will result in achieving higher educa-tional standards.

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"Gheorghe Lazar" National College is situated in the center of Romania's capital city, Bucharest. It is the second oldest high school in Bucharest, founded in 1860. Its long standing reputation situates the high school among the top ranking Romanian educational institutions. There are about 1300 students, aged 10 to 19. The mainstreams are mathematics-informatics, nature sciences, social sciences and philology. After graduation a great number of students have become great personalities in science, politics, arts and literature. "Gheorghe Lazar" has been in the top four high schools from Bucharest in terms of desirability; only students with high grades are accepted to this institution. Nevertheless, it has also successfully integrated physically disabled students. Our school management is based on student’s development skills for their future social integration. In this respect, we encourage the students to active participate at school life, even is about daily school schedule, or performing at national contest (different subjects, theater, music and art, sports), or involving in school projects (debate, entrepreneurship, historian studies, volunteering, arts, written media). We educate students to have open minds. General studies offer them a large range of professional ways to develop themselves.

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Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Adult Education Association which offers a wide range of VET and adult education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. FU-Uppsala has around 120 permanent em-ployees including administrative staff and teachers. Around 300 employees are working on freelance bases. Through the cooperation with other FU offices in Sweden, FU-Uppsala has a national coverage. FU was registered in 1954 and is nowadays a leading organisation in Sweden in Adult Education and Lifelong learning.
Specific expertise and social context: FU-Uppsala has a long tradition of successfully introducing new teaching meth-ods into adult education including the latest developments in ICT. FU-Uppsala offers both formal and non-formal educa-tion for public authorities, enterprises and individuals. FU organizes specific training programs and/or training courses for various disadvantaged target groups such as unemployed, low-skilled, immigrants, people with physical and mental disabilities and youth drop-outs. The organisation is focused on the development of interventions that addresses social issues for various disadvantaged target groups in order to promote social/labour market inclusion. Totally we organise and implement above 67000 hours of formal and non-formal training for disadvantaged groups per year.
Quality system: FU-Uppsala is certified according to ISO 9001 which ensures the quality of the whole organisation as well as focus on a process and customer needs. In the case of this application the customer is the representatives of the disadvantaged groups attending the courses at FU.

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