During the 2019 Annual Conference of EfVET, the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, held in Azores (PT) on the 23-26 October 2019 and focused on Robots, Human Capital and Digital Learning. Managing Transition and Inclusion’, the Erasmus+ Project ENABLE - “Enhance self-awareness and balance the personalized learning in ESL prevention through a Smart Learning Environment” has been nominated for the EfVET Award of Excellence 2019.

Since 2016, EfVET has celebrated excellence in Vocational Education Training and Adult Education. The EfVET Dutch members decided on the 16th of June 2016 to honour EfVET and give an award to the EfVET organization to celebrate its 25th anniversary. EfVET Award of Exellcence is intended to honour people, organizations, or projects that have had a lasting and important impact on promoting, improving or innovating VET education, specifically at the European level.

Effebi Association, member of EfVET, officially presented ENABLE Project for the fifth edition of the award. After an accurate evaluation, the project has resulted among best projects under the category “Digital Learning” for having developed a Smart Learning Environment for teachers and students addressing early-school leaving in Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Sweden.

efvet award of Excellence



The 5th newsletter of ENABLE project has been released in February 2019. This newsletter focused on:

  • Output O4 - Key Learning Outcomes, Training materials for Teachers and Pedagogical Contents and their integration into ENABLE Smart Learning Environment
  • Output O5 - Selection of participants for piloting; National training eventsPilot collaborative learning activityNational testing and consultation reports.

Newsletter Nr 5 - February 2019

The 4th newsletter of ENABLE project has been released in July 2018. This newsletter focused on:

  • The second Multiplier event and  the Fifth Transnational Meeting organized by Colegiul Național “Gheorghe Lazăr” in Bucharest in July 2018
  • The activities of Output 4: Integrating Methodology and Technology on Smart Learning Environment
  • The organization of Output 5: Translational Pilot, starting in October 2018 with 100 students (25 per country) to test the learning experiences developed within the project

Newsletter nr. 4 - July 2018

The third newsletter of ENABLE project has just been released. This newsletter focuses on

  • The first Multiplier event, organized by Kaunas Science and Technology Park in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • The Progress Report sent to the National Agency
  • The results of Output 2 and Output 3, in particular on:
    • O2-A3 Monitoring and evaluation of methodological approach
    • O3-A1 Analysis and design of the IT architecture

Newsletter nr 3 - February 2017